Thursday, March 21, 2013

Soc. Eng. the Church pt4 #theWrapUp

Ever seen me in a pink shirt?! Me either...

Read on as the last plea for re-form in the Church is made.

Harpu ud'u ki anochi Elohim
Be still and know that I am God. (Psalm 46:10)

Remember when Charlie Sheen invented one of
 the greatest phrases of our time???

If you're like me you prolly (sic) know a number of believers who feel that this life is all about #winning. Everything they ever talk about is victory. Don't get me wrong, a new life in Christ is better than anything you could ever think or imagine, if you go about it the right way. Sometimes we get so caught up in blessings, and every thing working out in our favor that we develop this facade of always having to win. Notice that I said "always having to win", not that we will win, or are "winners" by grace through faith. But even when you think on it like that it's somewhat of a misnomer.

Know any Christians who look at their faith as a win/lose situation? For example, if you're not a Christian you're totally losing right now and will continue to do so. That probably goes for all non-Christians whether you're spiritual or participate in another faith or not, because for some of us, Christianity is #theOnlyWay. Allow me to suggest that this is a very narrow way to look at it and in fact incomplete.

Salvation is a gift. It can't be equated to a +/- type of system.

You Know I'm a Christian, right?!

Next brothers and sisters that shout it from the roof top that they're "saved". Is that necessary?! I mean, isn't it more about the way you live than the words you speak? How about your actions, do they line up with your words? I can say without a shadow of doubt that there are people who I've never told, "I'm a Christian", that came to understand through my living, how Christ-like I might be. Is it required that they know I'm a Christian? So, if they see how I live and don't attribute it to my Christianity, is that a problem?

Essentially, I see a lot of those I would consider "young in the faith" to fall into this fad of Christian clothing. It's as if their expression of faith is done vicariously through their wardrobe. You see the signs, clothes, and accessories. Fashion sense is good sense to have, but it doesn't change who you are.

Here's a question: Would Jesus wear the clothes you're making to get his message across?

When I think of clothing that spews various Bible verses, images of Christ, and other "Christian" like things I get to feeling that...these are like having a wedding registry, they're "nice to have"...not necessary. Jesus stood out because of who he was, yet he blended in at the same time.

Bottom line: You wanna get people to Jesus? Do it by your love. Not your swag.

And since I can't bring accusations, judgments, or criticisms against folk without showing my face...because that would make me cowardice (See Soc. Eng. pt3).

"Here I Am..."

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